Salcedo I., Olariaga I., Picón, R., Abrego N. &  Sarrionandia, E. 2010. Monitoring the mycoflora of the dune systems of Gorliz (Basque country, Spain) International Mycological Congress (IMC9), 1-6 August. Edinburgh.

  There are very few long time series data that deal with periodically sampled fungal assemblage at the same locality. However, these data are of paramount importance to detect any change due to internal dynamics of the fungal community or caused by external factors, such as climate change.

  The main goal of this study was to explore and monitor the macrofungal flora, both at species and at community level, in the dune systems of the Basque Country. The election of that habitat was based on three main reasons: 1. The availability of a quite long data set on dunes, 2. The absence of tree cover that can mitigate the effect of climate change, and 3. As a threatened ecosystem included nowadays in the Habitat Directive.